REFUGEES post by moderator Nathaniel Yordon

This past weekend my wife Mary and I headed up to the State Capitol in Hartford for a rally.  Say YES to Syrian Refugees.  The good news is that our Governor had already said yes and welcomed some Syrian refugees who were told they were not welcome in Indiana.  Mary found out about the rally and immediately said "Let's go."  Why did we go?  Well I wish I could say that it was because it was the day before the beginning of advent and it was just so appropriate for the season and the whole concept of no room at the inn.  But that was not it.  It was way more fundamental than that.  The rally was a gathering of people of all religions, Jews, Muslims, Christians, indigenous peoples and those with no religion.  It was people coming together to support refugees from a terribly war torn country.  We went because we could not imagine turning away people who had to flee their homes and wait up to almost two years to get through the screening process.  We went because we felt it was the least we could do for the refugees.  It was a rainy and it was cold, but it was worth it.  It was worth it, because it was inspiring to come together with a group of people who care.  To come together with a group of people who are not consumed by fear.  To come together in peace and to be reminded that this world is not filled with hatred.  So yes, perhaps some of us Christians were there because we believe that there is room in the inn.  But this rally was bigger than that.  Room at the inn is a universal concept.  We saw that Saturday and that is a beautiful thing.