From Legal Pad to I-Pad

Wow!  We are launching a new website.  Okay I am a person who has been marinating a little longer than some of you.  What that means is just in the last few years I have moved from those bright yellow legal pads to a I-Pad.  Communication is changing and will continue to change.  Yes, lots of change but change does not have to be a bad or fearful thing..does it?

Yes, this place or concept called Church that I have given the last 30 plus years to is in a constant state of change..along with the rest of the world.  I know it may sound simplistic or trite but even with all the change I still believe in the Jesus dream of community that makes a difference in the real world.  So join me on this crazy journey of trying to be real in the 21st century..okay I will give up the legal pads for a better environment but I will keep communicating the unbelievable love of God for all of us crazy folks..  Rev. Frank

ps...thanks ya