Let's Be Frank - Lent

As I am writing this we are only about one third of the way through Lent but I find myself already thinking about ‘coming out on the other side’. Do you ever seem to get stuck in the wilderness or the desert of your life? Many people think of resurrection in many different ways. Some insist on the literal bodily resurrection of Jesus—yes, I do believe in the resurrection but the thing that means the most to me is that Jesus ‘came out on the other side’ of the wilderness. You see he could have gotten stuck in the desert. I mean after all he was struggling with what is really important in life. He was struggling with what his mission would be in the world. Let’s see, he struggled with being relevant (turn the stones into bread). Then, on to struggling with doing the spectacular (throw yourself off the top of the temple). And finally he struggled with power (all this I will give you). Now, I must admit I probably would have gotten stuck in that kind of desert. Or maybe I am stuck. And just maybe the church of the 21st century is stuck also still struggling with what we are to be in this world. In the end Jesus says to the tempter, “away from me” and at that point the tempter left him. In other words ‘Jesus came out on the other side’. Yes, you and I have many crosses and desert’s to deal with—do we not? But there is great hope to me that Jesus ‘came out on the other side’. So let the struggle continue but let it continue knowing that we too will come out on the other side. We too will experience resurrection. Join me on Sunday March 27 and let’s celebrate together. By then I will be ready folks—this struggle is getting a little long.