Let's Be Frank - Pentecost

I have been thinking a lot lately. Yes, even Pastors use their minds sometimes. I am asking myself this question over and over again—Does Pentecost really make any difference in the 21st century? Or are we like the story from long ago still building our Towers of Babel? You know what I mean right? We live in this pluralistic world and our temptation is to build the wall higher so that it will just be ‘our kind’ to deal with. And yet we read that when the wind came a blowin’ at Pentecost all erected walls that kept those not like us out began to crash. Instead of a bunch of Babeling that no one understood all people understood each other. Now that kind of rushing wind (Great Spirit) sounds like something we really need in the church and world right about now. However, I think that we are headed more back to building our towers to separate than we are letting the spirit blow them down. We are trying to keep people out of certain bathrooms even. We are sitting back and doing nothing as thousands continue to be killed by guns out of control while just being apathetic. We are calling people Jew—Muslim---Christian—Black—White—Hispanic—Gay--Straight rather than trying to understand one another and realize that there is enough truth to go around for all of us. 
Was not Pentecost a story of hope at its very roots? That even against the human tendency to divide people the wind blows anyway and brings people together. We are now in a season of graduations along with Pentecost. All these graduations remind us that all good things come to an end and at the same time as we celebrate an ending, an accomplishment, we also celebrate that something new lies ahead. Maybe in that same light we need to celebrate the ending of Babel—of walls that separate. Just maybe we should let the wind blow into our hearts and minds and let our Babels turn to communication. Am I just drunk (as the people accused on that Pentecost day) or was Peter right in quoting the prophet Joel, “your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams”. Oh yes, our sons and daughters are telling the truth and this old man is dreaming out loud with you. Unifying spirit blow down the walls that divide and may we celebrate with working toward justice for all people. Great Spirit blow!