Maybe It Is Time to Make a Muslim Friend

I have been reading a lot of really hateful sounding stuff lately from many different sources.  I hear or overhear people talking about Muslims, Blacks and Homosexuals, Refugees as if these people are not even human beings.  It is so easy to think that way when we put ourselves in our little bubble of interacting with only people who are just like us in every way.

What if instead we went out of our way to get to know someone that was Muslim, Black, Homosexual or Refugee?  I can guarantee you from personal experience that your whole viewpoint will change.  I am not talking about someone holding a sign or yelling loudly but I am talking about a real time conversation with another person.

We are trying here at FCC on the Green to provide many opportunities for this kind of life changing conversation to happen between people.  We cannot stand together with people whom we do not know.  And yes, the Biblical story is one of walls coming down that divide people.

So let the friendships begin.  Let us stand in solidarity with all humans that are created in the image of God and yes that is all people.